Ballast Sea Water Transfer

Bedford Pumps have provided pumps for a pioneering shipyard in Azerbaijan.   The four submersible bowl pumps are to provide ballast water pumping on a floating dry dock.  The dry dock must be filled with water in order for the ship to enter.  When the ship is in, the pumps empty out the water for maintenance to take place on the vessel.

Due to the corrosive effects of seawater, Bedford Pumps supplied these pumpsets in a bronze construction, including the casing, shroud and impeller.  Each pump will deliver a duty of 833 l/s at 9.2m head at a power of 105kW.

Bedford Pumps were selected for this order on recommendation from Keppel Offshore and Marine Ltd (KOM) who own 10% of the yard in a joint venture with the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic and Azerbaijan Investment Company.  The Keppel Shipyard in Singapore owned by KOM still contains pumping plant manufactured and installed by Allens Engineering (the company which spawned Bedford Pumps) almost 30 years ago. 

Bedford Pumps are one of Europe's leading manufacturers of large submersible and conventional pumps.


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