The Bedford Pump Company became Bedford Pumps Ltd, and part of the Hidrostal group in 2002, and has since established itself as the UK’s leading manufacturer of pumping plant for the Land Drainage, Flood Defence, Water & Sewage industries and has in addition gained an enviable reputation for M & E project management in this field.

Bedford Pumps Ltd was formed in 1987 by former members of the pump department at NEI (W H Allen) after the company closed their pump manufacturing facility within the town.  

W H Allen was founded in London in 1880 and moved to Bedford in 1894 and as Allen Gwynne Pumps established a worldwide reputation for delivering high quality pumping plant to the world market.  The fledgling company, originally called The Bedford Pump Company, started with no order book and within 6 years had raised their turnover to £7.5M.  They became Bedford Pumps Ltd in 2002 after they were acquired by Hidrostal AG and to this day are a flexible, highly experienced British manufacturer of robust, pumping plant for the water and waste water industry.  

Bedford Pumps carry with them the engineering experise that was associated with W H Allen but have infused this philosophy with a dynamic problem solving approach that ensures each and every pump application is offered as an “engineered solution”.

Bedford Pumps are one of Europe's leading manufacturers of large submersible and conventional pumps.


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